Friday, July 10, 2009

Thoughts on The Bridge

As I watch Bill run around with our new foster play date (Ollie is only with us for a few hours before he gets a ride to his new life in Utah), I'm reflecting on how quiet it would be around here if I didn't have these guys (except for the noise of my husband playing "Rock Band" upstairs at night when I'm trying to sleep!).

My close friend has to "cross over" her Boston Terrier, Cyrus, last week. He was only nine, too young to go, but he had a terminal case of mast cell tumors. He had been suffering through surgeries for about a year and they just weren't working. I commend her for trying to save him, and for making the decision to let him pass with dignity when the time was right.

In light of Cyrus' passing, I though about what I would like to believe the Rainbow Bridge is all about. I decided that Bill's soul, at at some time my soul, will get on a "soul train" that takes us to a place like Disneyland - whatever our own personal Disneyland is. In "Disneyland," Bill will get the chance to be in charge, and I'll be relieved of my duties. Here's what I think of my dog form, and Bill's human form:



That guy looks like he would be fun to play with, doesn't he? I bet he would take me hiking and splashing in the creek. He'll feed me, bathe me, and rub ME behind the ears. Doesn't that sound great?

What is your dog form, and your dog's human form?

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