Thursday, June 25, 2009

He's Like Danny Zuko...Tough, yet Sensitive!

When Bill gets to the dog park, he always goes running at top speed for Dutchess, a German Shepherd mix. His favorite thing to do is to stick his head in her mouth, so he runs, and runs, with his back right leg flying out to the side, tongue flapping in the wind, the whole length of the park until he gets to her. Next, he gives her a thorough dental exam. It's the kind of thing that teens get suspended for doing against the lockers in the hallway at school, but at the dog park it's just fine.

So, the other day I found out that Bill is not only known for his dental exams. He's also known for his brawn. I was at the front of the park trying to coax Honey along, and Bill had run ahead. He seemed fine so most of my attention was focused on her.When I finally got near him, he was running around with this white dog that was much bigger than him. The white dog was a puppy, and playing kind of rough, so the owner got up to go and break it up. Then, the person standing next to the owner looks over at Bill and says "No, it's OK. Sit back down. That's Bill...he can handle himself!" Sure enough, the next thing that happens is that Bill gets up next to the dog, gives him the "BT Don't Mess With Me" sideways glance, starts making velociraptor noises and puts that dog right onto his back! Go Bill! I knew you were my dog...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Double Dating

So our morning dog park outing was a trip. I'm so focused on Honey's well being right now that sometimes I neglect to notice what Bill is up to. I mean, he's an adult now, after all, so he should be able to handle himself, right? Well, it turns out that I'm not the only person who sees it that way!

I got to the middle of the park and heard some snarling. Yup, it was Bill, telling this big white dog how it is. I saw the owner go running to get the white dog to leave Bill alone, until the person standing next to him said, "oh, that's Bill, don't worry - he can handle himself." Too funny! My little timid ex-breeder is now the dog park regulator!

The dogs went to the trapeze rig ( with us afterward, a place that neither of them like very much. Honestly, I don't know if it's the noise or the people, but Bill prefers to sit in the car. It was cool enough and we thought we would have some extra time to hold Honey on our laps so we figured we would bring them down.

We didn't have time to play with them, and I felt bad that they stayed in the car the whole time, so we took them right back to the dog park in the afternoon. As soon as we walked in a huge, unaltered pit bull ran up to Honey. Unaltered dogs always scare me. However, after a second my fears were at rest as he was very nice with Honey and she appeared to really like him (and I was told later, about to get neutered)! When I looked for Bill, I saw him playing with this pit bull's sister. The four of them trotted to the back of the park to run around together, as though they were on a double date - two Bostons and two pit bulls just enjoying a sunset together. I could see Honey and the dude looking good together, but Bill and his sister? How would they ever dance together? Bill could barely reach the middle of her chest on his back legs!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

He's Not a Corn Dog

The first Happy Tails book is posted up on Amazon now! Yay!

So there was one "Snort Story" that was really getting to me - of course it was the last story I had to edit and I just couldn't come up with a clever title. The best I could do was "Corny Jokes for a Crappy Situation," which I didn't think the author would appreciate! Anyhoo, last week I finally came up with "He's Just Not a Corn Dog." Here's the story, what do you think?

"Poor Ralphie… his family wanted to get rid of him so badly that they faked that they were moving! When I went to pick him up I pretended not to notice the lack of moving boxes…what was I getting myself into? I quickly found out that I was knee deep in doodoo with my new dog…literally! Ralphie had a poopy problem! It wasn’t that he didn’t know he was supposed to go outside; it was that he just couldn’t hold it. This was clearly embarrassing for him and of course, a mess for us! Fortunately, his problem turned out to require a simple solution – he was allergic to corn and additives! Once we switched to a natural dog food the problem went away within 2 days!" –Ruthann Hernandez

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Full Immersion

My dad called Honey Bill's sidecar yesterday. I thought that was pretty funny because she is such a miniature version of him (with MUCH bigger ears). They're like my little ducklings when we go hiking...Bill follows me and Honey is never far behind. In fact, she usually runs head-first into his butt every time he stops! Ewww...

Honey and I went to an adoption fair in Denver today. I thought it would be a terrible experience for her, but after she got over the first hour of shaking she actually started enjoying it. Turns out she has a thing for Pugs, so now I'm looking for a Pug to take her home!

One of the stories in the upcoming "Lost Souls: FOUND!" Boston Terrier book is about a puppy mill dog who came out of his shell because his family took him to a Christmas Party. They knew it was a "make or break" effort and figured they had to try - nothing else was working. It worked well for them, and I've been thinking about it ever since because I'm very protective of Bill and don't like taking him to those kind of situations because I know he'll shake.

However, Honey came home tonight happier than I've ever seen her. It's contagious - Bill is running around with his squeaky bull right now too. The both of them have been running around the house with bones all night, something Honey has seldom done before. I think the next time there is a social event I will bring Bill. He's been growing braver and more "dog-like" every day, and so I think he can handle it now. Who knows, maybe it will stop him from shaking the next time we have guests over?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Big Hearts, Bad Eyesight!

So this Lance Armstrong kind of guy (but maybe a bit older - like twice his age...) is riding his bike up a hill where there are many hiking trails crossing the road. He passes one trail and a black dog runs out. The dog has a collar but seems to be alone. Huffing and puffing, the guy (let's just call him Dennis "The Other Armstrong"), thinks to stop but the dog disappears back down the trail. Dennis figures that the owners can't be far behind and so he keeps going.

A few minutes later, Dennis reaches the summit, and who does he see? Yup, his pal the black dog. He's a friendly dog and follows Dennis for a while, when Dennis finally stops to see if he can't read the dogs tag and find the owner. The problem? He doesn't have his glasses and so he can't make out the phone number!

Another biker stops by to see if he can lend a hand, but he, too, does not have his glasses. The two stand there for a while, trying to read the tag but failing miserably.

Enter biker number 3, who stops by to see if he can help. He, too, lacks glasses and can't read the tag!!! Uh...I'm just kidding. Number three could see fine, and he quickly gave Dennis and friend the phone number so they could call the dog's owner.

The dog and owner were reunited, and the two stooges and their eagle-eyed friend finished their rides with full hearts and empty water bottles. The end.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bill's Little Honey

I'm glad to report that we're out of the woods. Bill and Honey are getting along like peanut butter and jelly, except where there is food or a bone involved and Honey gets a little testy. She appears to be gaining some weight, but I was shocked to find out at the vet yesterday that she only weighs 12.3 lbs! What kind of Boston Terrier is that? We need to fatten this girl up!

I'm always amazed at how resilient these dogs are - for all that she has been through, a puncture wound in her eye, mange, breeding when she could barely sustain herself - she is doing remarkably well! She tap dances around our house and has figured out how to chase Bill outside! Each day she gets more comfortable with other big dogs and we take a step closer to potty training (except for was a step back...). I can't wait for her to find her new home. She's another Bill. A little rough in the beginning but I know she's going to be a great dog for a lucky owner.