Thursday, June 25, 2009

He's Like Danny Zuko...Tough, yet Sensitive!

When Bill gets to the dog park, he always goes running at top speed for Dutchess, a German Shepherd mix. His favorite thing to do is to stick his head in her mouth, so he runs, and runs, with his back right leg flying out to the side, tongue flapping in the wind, the whole length of the park until he gets to her. Next, he gives her a thorough dental exam. It's the kind of thing that teens get suspended for doing against the lockers in the hallway at school, but at the dog park it's just fine.

So, the other day I found out that Bill is not only known for his dental exams. He's also known for his brawn. I was at the front of the park trying to coax Honey along, and Bill had run ahead. He seemed fine so most of my attention was focused on her.When I finally got near him, he was running around with this white dog that was much bigger than him. The white dog was a puppy, and playing kind of rough, so the owner got up to go and break it up. Then, the person standing next to the owner looks over at Bill and says "No, it's OK. Sit back down. That's Bill...he can handle himself!" Sure enough, the next thing that happens is that Bill gets up next to the dog, gives him the "BT Don't Mess With Me" sideways glance, starts making velociraptor noises and puts that dog right onto his back! Go Bill! I knew you were my dog...

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  1. LOL, this is literally making me lol, what a funny story. Little dogs have such a complex and always want to think they are big dogs. it cracks me up!