Thursday, June 18, 2009

He's Not a Corn Dog

The first Happy Tails book is posted up on Amazon now! Yay!

So there was one "Snort Story" that was really getting to me - of course it was the last story I had to edit and I just couldn't come up with a clever title. The best I could do was "Corny Jokes for a Crappy Situation," which I didn't think the author would appreciate! Anyhoo, last week I finally came up with "He's Just Not a Corn Dog." Here's the story, what do you think?

"Poor Ralphie… his family wanted to get rid of him so badly that they faked that they were moving! When I went to pick him up I pretended not to notice the lack of moving boxes…what was I getting myself into? I quickly found out that I was knee deep in doodoo with my new dog…literally! Ralphie had a poopy problem! It wasn’t that he didn’t know he was supposed to go outside; it was that he just couldn’t hold it. This was clearly embarrassing for him and of course, a mess for us! Fortunately, his problem turned out to require a simple solution – he was allergic to corn and additives! Once we switched to a natural dog food the problem went away within 2 days!" –Ruthann Hernandez

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