Sunday, June 14, 2009

Full Immersion

My dad called Honey Bill's sidecar yesterday. I thought that was pretty funny because she is such a miniature version of him (with MUCH bigger ears). They're like my little ducklings when we go hiking...Bill follows me and Honey is never far behind. In fact, she usually runs head-first into his butt every time he stops! Ewww...

Honey and I went to an adoption fair in Denver today. I thought it would be a terrible experience for her, but after she got over the first hour of shaking she actually started enjoying it. Turns out she has a thing for Pugs, so now I'm looking for a Pug to take her home!

One of the stories in the upcoming "Lost Souls: FOUND!" Boston Terrier book is about a puppy mill dog who came out of his shell because his family took him to a Christmas Party. They knew it was a "make or break" effort and figured they had to try - nothing else was working. It worked well for them, and I've been thinking about it ever since because I'm very protective of Bill and don't like taking him to those kind of situations because I know he'll shake.

However, Honey came home tonight happier than I've ever seen her. It's contagious - Bill is running around with his squeaky bull right now too. The both of them have been running around the house with bones all night, something Honey has seldom done before. I think the next time there is a social event I will bring Bill. He's been growing braver and more "dog-like" every day, and so I think he can handle it now. Who knows, maybe it will stop him from shaking the next time we have guests over?

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