Sunday, June 21, 2009

Double Dating

So our morning dog park outing was a trip. I'm so focused on Honey's well being right now that sometimes I neglect to notice what Bill is up to. I mean, he's an adult now, after all, so he should be able to handle himself, right? Well, it turns out that I'm not the only person who sees it that way!

I got to the middle of the park and heard some snarling. Yup, it was Bill, telling this big white dog how it is. I saw the owner go running to get the white dog to leave Bill alone, until the person standing next to him said, "oh, that's Bill, don't worry - he can handle himself." Too funny! My little timid ex-breeder is now the dog park regulator!

The dogs went to the trapeze rig ( with us afterward, a place that neither of them like very much. Honestly, I don't know if it's the noise or the people, but Bill prefers to sit in the car. It was cool enough and we thought we would have some extra time to hold Honey on our laps so we figured we would bring them down.

We didn't have time to play with them, and I felt bad that they stayed in the car the whole time, so we took them right back to the dog park in the afternoon. As soon as we walked in a huge, unaltered pit bull ran up to Honey. Unaltered dogs always scare me. However, after a second my fears were at rest as he was very nice with Honey and she appeared to really like him (and I was told later, about to get neutered)! When I looked for Bill, I saw him playing with this pit bull's sister. The four of them trotted to the back of the park to run around together, as though they were on a double date - two Bostons and two pit bulls just enjoying a sunset together. I could see Honey and the dude looking good together, but Bill and his sister? How would they ever dance together? Bill could barely reach the middle of her chest on his back legs!

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