Friday, June 5, 2009

Big Hearts, Bad Eyesight!

So this Lance Armstrong kind of guy (but maybe a bit older - like twice his age...) is riding his bike up a hill where there are many hiking trails crossing the road. He passes one trail and a black dog runs out. The dog has a collar but seems to be alone. Huffing and puffing, the guy (let's just call him Dennis "The Other Armstrong"), thinks to stop but the dog disappears back down the trail. Dennis figures that the owners can't be far behind and so he keeps going.

A few minutes later, Dennis reaches the summit, and who does he see? Yup, his pal the black dog. He's a friendly dog and follows Dennis for a while, when Dennis finally stops to see if he can't read the dogs tag and find the owner. The problem? He doesn't have his glasses and so he can't make out the phone number!

Another biker stops by to see if he can lend a hand, but he, too, does not have his glasses. The two stand there for a while, trying to read the tag but failing miserably.

Enter biker number 3, who stops by to see if he can help. He, too, lacks glasses and can't read the tag!!! Uh...I'm just kidding. Number three could see fine, and he quickly gave Dennis and friend the phone number so they could call the dog's owner.

The dog and owner were reunited, and the two stooges and their eagle-eyed friend finished their rides with full hearts and empty water bottles. The end.

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