Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Jersey Dog...

...and I don't mean "Jersey" as in the state. Nope, this one looks like a cow. She's black and white with a udder and swayback - just like a cow!

(Ruth: "Who You Callin' A Cow?")

I don't mean to insult our new foster, Ruth, it's just that she looks like a miniature cow! She is super sweet and amazingly well adjusted considering she spent the last four years of her life in a cage as a puppy mill breeder. Her poor belly hangs so low that it almost knocks her over when she walks, and the closest she can get to a run is a moderately fast waddle. When she stands for any period of time, she starts leaning and almost falls over, until she corrects herself and then starts falling over to the other side.

Probably the cutest thing so far, though, is the way she tries to play. Since she was literally introduced to a cage-free world less than a week ago, she really doesn't know what to do with herself. That doesn't stop her from putting in a valiant effort to act like a dog. Imagine this: Ruth walks up next to Bill, and whacks her front paws on the floor with her butt up in the air, giving him a sideways glare and inviting him to play. Bill, being a little "off" himself, does the mirror image back to her, as if to say, "No, you come get me!"

Next is Ruth's turn... same thing again. And then Bill... And then Ruth... And then Bill...

You get the picture. It's like some sort of convoluted Irish "Riverdance" and it goes on until they notice me laughing at them. I don't think either will ever "attack," so the dance could go on for hours. Dog dancing fans, you've never seen this! Bill and Ruth are choreographers, and they don't even need a human!

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  1. Hey Bill & Ruth!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my bloggy! Me, my sisters Paris & Lilly were all rescues! Yeah,Ruth, I know how you feel; my dad will occasionally use the word holstein in my presence!