Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bill the Protector

I couldn't help but share this - last night I dreamed that my dear little Bill turned into a winged gargoyle protector when I needed him to, and his super power was... Peeing on people! He could shoot from across the room!

Yesterday was my favorite day of the year, the day Dylan (hubby) and I go down to the Nan Desu Kan anime convention in Denver. If you don't know what anime is, check out Cartoon Network late night sometime. Essentially it's animation from Japan, often geared towards adults (there is plenty for kids, too, to ensure lifetime addicts). Anime has been my husband and my favorite form of entertainment for years now, but nothing compares to the convention. Think of a Star Trek convention but instead of Trekkies, there are thousands of teens dressed up as their favorite cartoon superheros. It's way better than Halloween.

Anyway, it (or maybe the two drinks too many that I had)clearly had an impact on my dreams. I was some kind of special type of human that could battle these bad guys and had a Boston Terrier - gargoyle protector (Bill, of course). He would look like a normal dog, doing normal dog things, until we got in the vicinity of one of the bad guys I had to battle, and then suddenly he would grow into this giant gargoyle who "peed" people to death.

Things started to get very strange - I can't remember if I was supposed to protect or battle this baby that turned out to have super powers (her mom didn't know). Then there was some crazy rock slide at the Flatirons (Boulder mountains) that almost crushed me, but of course I had to run up and see if I could set off a second one (definitely not my waking demeanor).

In the end, I remember following a guy back to his base or something - he was supposed to be my friend, but then he turned on me. Literally - his body got really rubbery and he fit through this space I couldn't fit through, leaving me to battle some crazy woman myself.

Just at the moment when things were looking very bad for me, my real Bill decided it was time for him to wake me up. Go Bill!

I wish I could draw, but I'll have to leave this one up to your imagination.Just think of a giant Boston Terrier with wings, who pees on people, and you'll be right there with me!

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  1. Bill looks like he has makeup on. A KISS member, perhaps? ;-)