Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bill is here?

This dog is so quiet that my husband is often home for hours and when I get home and say something about Bill he says "Bill is here?" Uh, yeah. He's sitting right THERE!

I still remember Bill's first bark. It was the funniest thing! He was completely silent for the first four or five months he was with us (which really isn't a bad thing if you think about it, though kind of sad). His two favorite spots were the bed downstairs and the couch upstairs. I was in the living room and he was upstairs when I suddenly heard a random "woof." That was it. No ceremony or anything; just a "woof." It was so funny because there was no rhyme or reason, he was just trying it out.

It took him quite some time to try it again. Nowadays he does this weird bark/howl/whine/yawn thing when we get to trail heads. He LOVES to hike and so he gets very excited so this is how he shows it. This ritual usually involves turning the stereo on and off a few times with his paws too since it's just a button. There is also some leg scratching usually involved. Despite the pain to my legs, ears and dashboard it really is adorable. It worth enduring it to see him showing his happiness!

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