Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The First Post

I feel compelled to blog about my dog Bill because he is a perfect example of what time and love can do for a dog who was previously neglected. In an effort not to repeat myself, please learn about his history on our "about" page as he was the inspiration for the Happy Tails Books project.

In short, he was a puppy mill breeder for the first two years of his life. He was put out to auction and taken in by Mid America Boston Terrier Rescue. After a failed adoption and some time spent hiding in the woods, Bill became my dog (long story). When I got him he was in a very bad psychological state as he would not get out of bed. For weeks he simply cowered in his corner.

He was so afraid of the outdoors that we had to carry him outside to potty each time and then he would B-line for the house as soon as he was finished. With the help of a trainer he slowly began to turn around. Today (8 months later) he is still kind of weird in the house but has gone to the completely other side outdoors. I think he believes he is a goat though I don't know if he ever met one.

This blog will document Bill's progress and adventures. These days he bravely runs up every rock he can find, happily rolls around in poop (lovely for me) and gets a daily dose of vegetables grazing in the meadows. He's a dog park local, distraction for neighborhood dog training groups and Golden Retriever cheerleader at the lake.

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