Sunday, December 6, 2009

C-ya Craig!

I thought I would cry but as I watched my little buddy prance out the door with his new mommy and daddy I had no feelings other than joy. I realized that he knew our time together was fleeting, that we were just a stop on his journey to a better life, and it made me so happy to think he wouldn't be upset about moving on to a new home.

When Craig came to live with me he was obviously nervous. I could tell by the puke in the back of my car and the drool coming out of his mouth when he met Bill. He left two weeks later with his head held high - no more fear-biting at the dogpark (at least much less!) and no more potty accidents in the house. This is one dog who had a life-changing experience at our home, and I couldn't be prouder.

How is Bill? He's thrilled to be an only dog again. Unfortunately he and Craig didn't really hit it off, aside from some tug-of-war.

We'll take a few days to enjoy each others company and then we're on to a new dog. I think his name is Poppy, and his dad went to jail. I hope he managed to potty train Poppy before being picked up by the cops - this one should make for a good story. Stay tuned!


  1. How exciting for Craig to find a new home... I'm sure everytime a foster finds their "forever family" it's somewhat bittersweet. And, OMGosh- I LOVE the YouTube video of the Boston Terrier Tug-of-War. So funny! I just bought my Lily an OSU orange sweater to wear on our early morning winter walks. She's adjusting really well to the colder weather. Would love to see more YouTube videos of Bill!!

  2. You SHOULD be super proud!! How great is the feeling to know you changed this doggie's life around!

    Poppy's dad is in jail, wow, haven't heard that as a reason yet, should make for an interesting story lol. Does this mean he is not traumatized or mistreated or anything bad? Anyway, I'll stay tuned for that. ;) Don't want you to give away your story yet :p