Friday, December 4, 2009


Craig needs to find a new home soon because I'm completely falling in love. It's funny, when I first saw him I thought, "Oh, no, a white-faced one. How ugly!" I know, that's not very nice, but I'm being honest. However, it didn't take me long to change my view - between his loving, cuddly personality, his "ass attacks" when he moves furniture across the room with his butt, and sharing in his rehabilitation (watching his emotional and physical scabs heal), I'm simply in love. As I write, he's smacking his butt against out ottoman and pushing it across the room. It's really funny!

Anyway, taking him to the dog park to help him get over his fear of other dogs has been immensely successful. For the last few days we've been completely incident-free, both on and off leash. At the dog park, he's learning to play. He's still the "fun police," barking madly when dogs get too crazy, but other than that he's doing well. He's even done the butt-in-the-air play stance a few times!

I wish I had taken a photo today, but imagine this - a big, brown, furry, shepherd dog and little, black and white, Boston Terrier Craig meet at the dog park. Next thing you know, Craig is around his backside with his head completely buried under his back legs! It was about 10 degrees outside so we figured Craig was just keeping his head warm. It was very funny!

Looks like Craig is just about ready to move on to his new home. I've no doubt that he'll be fine with other dogs and a perfect companion for his humans. Now I just have to find humans to be the perfect companion for Craig!

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