Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Boston Buddy Is Back!'s what happens when the person fostering a dog doesn't thoroughly interview several potential adoptors before giving her dog up: the dog gets returned.

Poor Poppi - after only three days he was returned from his fifth home in his short year and a half life (if you count my foster home). It's good it was only three days, though, as I think he thought he went to camp. I've never seen a dog so happy to see me! He was returned because the dog in his new home kept fighting with him, which was definitely a personal (dogal?) issue with the other dog because I've had Poppi around at least 30 different dogs (including Bill) and he's done just fine. The guys who adopted him said he wouldn't eat and that he had diarrhea, which is strange because he did just fine with me. I'm guessing he knew he just wasn't in the right place. The people who tried to adopt him were very nice, and I'm sure we'll find them a dog that is a better fit, but had I gone through my usual screening process Poppi would not have had to go through this - lesson learned.

Why didn't I go through the regular process? Because these guys had adopted from us before and I was told that Poppi should go to them by our President. She clearly meant well, but just because my dog was closest to those guys didn't make him the right dog. My red flag was that these guys are about 75 years old, and Poppi's only 1.5. I don't want to see him outlive his owners (no offense, but he's been bounced around enough already). These guys should adopt an older dog. Additionally, upon meeting their dog, the dog snapped at Poppi and the dog was obese. Poppi is in great health and I don't want to see him end up that way too.

Anyway, moving on - we'll find Poppi a good new home and in the meantime enjoy him while he's here. The first thing we did was stop at some ball fields so Bill and Poppi could get reacquainted. They ran and ran, bumping into each other and playing chase; it was a joy to watch. Poppi's a great dog and he stays right by me when off leash. He's smart and pretty trustworthy, even though we've only known each other for a week. He's hiked with us a few times and he does great. No complaints here - all we need to do is get him potty trained and he'll be the perfect dog. Woof!

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  1. Wow... Poppi must have missed you and Bill! Look forward to hearing about his next potential "forever family" match. Sounds like he's got an awesome little fiesty personality.