Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Happily Ever After

I couldn't wait to get home and post the pictures of Zoye's big adventure today because she's just so darn cute. A few days ago I received an application from a person who had adopted from the rescue I work with in the past. She wanted a younger dog but was taken by Zoye's personality (Zoye is eight). Her family includes herself and her husband and three teenagers - plenty of arms to hold Zoye. They also have a ridgeback, and while Zoye is not much for playing with other dogs, she definitely thrives in their presence. They understand puppy mill dogs, have a high-energy home (which is surprisingly perfect for Zoye), and are experienced with Boston Terriers. What's more, Zoye had six tumors removed last week, and they took her before we even got the pathology results back - they couldn't have been more perfect.

Dylan (my husband) and I love it when we get adopters from Wyoming because we can usually shuttle the dogs up there in the plane. Today started a bit sketchy, as there were clouds and snow over the mountains, but we managed to fly Zoye as far as Laramie (her new family lives in Rock Springs, which is about 3 hours from Laramie). The flight to Laramie was easy, and Zoye just snoozed on my lap the whole way. When we landed, her new family was there to meet us, and they were SO excited. The FBO (fixed base operator - another term for the terminal where we landed) also had a dog, so Zoye had fun playing keep away (or rather, growl when the other dog takes my toy) for awhile. We chatted with the new family, gave them all the instructions they needed, and then we were off on our way home.

The ride home proved a bit more challenging, as clouds were coming in over the mountain. Okay, now you get to find out what a dork I am... I LOVE Star Wars, and I was so excited when my husband let me take the controls and fly us in between the clouds. It was almost as cool as a space battle... Anyway, we made it home safely and all is well, except we are minus one Zoye. I'll miss her to pieces but as I've said before: if she got a good family, we both won; if she stay with me forever, we both won. I didn't really have a preference except for us both to win on this one, and now our home is again open to rehabilitate the next little soul in need.

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  1. Your Boston Terrier stories are amazing, we love them! We would also love you to introduce the Boston Terrier breed to the world in our Breed Info Challenge!