Sunday, January 31, 2010

Boston Going on Boxer

Recently I was asked if I would take a new foster from a Missouri puppy mill that was closed down. Our rescue knew nothing about her, which I'm usually a little sketchy about because I've got my cats and dog to think of first, but I said I would help.

There were probably 20 people involved with getting this dog, Layla, from Kansas City, MO, to Boulder, CO. Our rescue arranged for her to get on a CARE transport (an organization that rents Enterprise vans and transports the dogs between several states regularly). There's at least 6-10 people involved in that. From there a nice lady picked her up at the drop-off point and drove her another half hour to Westminster. From Westminster I picked her up and took her to Boulder.

Everything went smoothly except that I was depending on my GPS to get me to where I had to pick her up. I was already down in Westminster, and when I reached in my glove box to get it, it wasn't there! Turns out my husband took it to California with him and "forgot" to tell me-apparently I was supposed to assume he had it because he had my car right before he left. Right...thanks, hon!

Anyway, Layla must have been waiting to get transported in a foster home, because somehow she is miraculously potty trained, knows just what to do when the car door is opened, and has been a wonderful house guest thus far. She's not afraid of anything and has really kept Bill and the cats on their toes.

This Boston is truly a miniature "Boxer," as she's spunky, loving, devoted, and even does the "Boxer Kidney Beans" (their signature wiggle). She gallops around the house like a horse and just doesn't ever stop moving. She bounces off the back of the couch onto the floor and loves to play "bitey-face" with Bill. This is not your typical mill momma...except for the mange, strange lumps, and udder-like nipples she's got hanging down. (She's on antibiotics and special shampoo, so I'm sure we'll have most of her fixed up shortly).

What a great dog! I just wish she'd settle down a little because her spay stitches are not doing so well (she's got a lump under her stitches that I've learn from the internet is probably an allergic reaction to the stitches or the area is filled with fluid because she WON'T CALM DOWN... And you can forget crating her because she goes crazy with mill flashbacks).

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