Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Zoyinnng, Zoyinnnng!

Boing-a-Zoyinnng! That's our little Zoye...she goes CRAZY for anything that squeaks, and a puppy we were recently dog-sitting was enjoying playing keep-away. I think both Zoye and Bill slept for two days after the puppy left. You've got to see this video of Zoye and Layla (the puppy) playing together. This dog definitely doesn't act like an eight-year-old!


  1. Hi! The video of your playful dogs is lovely. I have a Setter who is 8 years old but behaves like he is a puppy! Cheers!

  2. LOVE seeing the dogs in action... and Zoye looks so happy! Older puppy mill dogs are definitely "worth rescuing" and can have such sweet, kind, and fun spirits once they receive the love and care they very much deserve!

  3. What a cute video! It looks like they get on very well with each other. Thanks for sharing!