Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Bunny in the Bush

Bill has been lonely without Tina so I took him out to Dry Creek early today to see some other dogs. We were almost back when he became very excited about some standard poodles who were about 50 yards away from us. Instead of taking the path he hopped like a bunny on crack through the tall grasses.

He was getting there fast until he was about halfway there. He tried to jump a sizable bush, didn't quite make it and disappeared. I wish I had been filming! It happened in slow motion...I could see it coming but there was nothing I could do.

A second later Bill came running back to me, grass stains on his head and paws, with a huge piece of the bush stuck in his collar! I had to laugh...this is what he gets for laughing at me when I fell in the creek last week!

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