Saturday, May 23, 2009

Honey Pie, please don't die!

I say that half in jest. I hate puppy mills a little more every day, and I can't understand why legislators and law enforcement folks can see pictures like this and just let it slide.

We just got a new foster last night who is a Boston Terrier but looks like a sphinx. She is SO thin, almost hairless and has huge ears and a small head. She's got long gangly legs and she walks around like a tap dancer. I assume this is from sore paws during her life in a cage. She's almost four but looks like she is 12. So sad...

The good news is that while she almost looks WORSE than Bill did when we got him out of the woods, I think that psychologically she's actually much better. Bill was dead inside...he wouldn't move or look at us. He just sat. This little "Honey Pie" dances around the house, plays with Bill and approaches us for sniffs. Dylan (husband) is working hard on turning that into pets right now.

We've got hope...she's eating so hopefully she'll be putting on some weight and fur soon! Also looking on the bright side, Bill is being an impeccable little "big brother" (he's a year younger). He looks huge and happy next to her. I hope she'll be looking huge and happy next to someone else soon!

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