Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's like she knew...

I've been fostering "Tina," another puppy mill breeder, since Friday. She's the type of dog that wants love but doesn't know how to accept it. She does a lot of flattening when she gets scared but has made significant progress over the past five days. She used to cower from joggers when we were out on the trail but now she proudly walks past them. She didn't accept any pets except in her bed until today when she let me love all over her the whole way to the trail as she sat next to me in the car. She's a great dog that needs some time and patience to help her boost confidence.

Anyhoo, a family contacted me who had a similar situation with a miniature Grayhound they adopted. The came up to meet her today and I was afraid that Tina would cower from their kids. Instead, at the dog park she let the 10 year old daughter pet her like crazy! She kept coming back for more! On the way home Tina licked my face, something that has never before happened. I think she knew, and she wanted to tell me "thank you for finding me such a great family." Well Tina, thank YOU for visiting Camp Duffy Buli Felckowski! We hope you enjoyed your stay and that you'll recommend us to your friends!

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