Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've Got Wet Foot

The water over at Dry Creek has been running fast and high lately. It has crept up so much that the beach is covered and the bank into the water is steep. Of course, this doesn't stop Bill from jumping in and splashing around. I think he really likes the splash of the water; he dances around and then attacks it as it rises into the air.

Today I thought I would give him a hand - he looked like he was having so much fun! I squatted down next to the water but as I reached my hand to splash I felt my foot slipping in the mud. I was a millisecond from completely falling in but I managed to get one foot down into the water to stop myself. I was wearing socks and sandals (yes, I've truly crossed the line into Boulderiteism) so my sock got soaked but what was worse ("worse than socks and sandals or worse than a wet foot?" you might ask) was that I jammed my thumb into a rock as I fell and bruised underneath my nail. Ow!

Bill helplessly watched the whole thing unfold. When I looked up he was behind me with an expression that said "are you OK?" That was sweet but I think the little jerk actually started laughing at me as I shook out my wet foot! I guess the next time we go to Dry Creek I'll leave my socks at home. :)

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