Monday, May 18, 2009

Humpy Birthday to you!

Bill had an extraordinarily good birthday today! He doesn't usually take much of an interest in the tail end of other dogs but he knew that today was his special day. We went to the dog park and like the Conga line at a human birthday party, he initiated his own hump train. There was a basenji/chihuahua mix (so cute!) that he fell in love with so he decided to get his groove on. However, as he proceeded to woo her with his mighty rodeo skills a small jack russell decided to try and give Bill a ride! Three little dogs hopping down the path on each other's backs like a bunch of bunnies...

This is where you can say I'm sick...I yelled at him to stop until I realized what a cute picture it would be. Then I told him to get back up there but of course he was no longer interested. Ugh! I never got the photo but you can use your imagination. Or, instead, don't. Pretend I never brought it up. I mean, I probably shouldn't encourage you to think about Bill that way!

Well, birthday's over. I guess Bill will have to wait another year for his next Conga line!

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